Bikroyads Classified Ads Selling Tips


  1. High Quality Images
    It is important to have good pictures of the product. Images from producers website is always good quality, but the buyer really want to see the product they gonna buy, not only some professional images from a shop. Clean the product and take pictures with good light settings. Pick the best picture as main.
  2. Attractive Headline
    You only get one first impression, together with a high quality product image, the headline should be attractive, exact and informative.
  3. Short, but informative product presentation text.
    When speaking of informative. The product text should not be too long. Write all you can think of about the product you want to sell, and then remove unnecessary words. Keep your text true to topic.
  4. Don’t forget the product features!
    Give the potential buyers as much facts about the product as possible. Often people have decided to buy before they make contact because your information is informative and attractive.
  5. Give buyer a good reason for selling
    Many buyers get suspicious about you are selling just what they want to buy. To give them a good reason for selling in the ad, gains trust. Normally we sell our used products because we don’t need it anymore. – not because it is faulty or bad. Tell the buyer why, we guess you have a good reason for selling the item!
  6. Be friendly and helpful to potential buyers
    When potential buyers make contact about buying with questions the right thing to do is be friendly and helpful. If not they get suspicious.
  7. Compare prices with products in same category
    Don’t set selling price to high (obviously) – but don’t set it too low either. Then people think it must be something wrong with it. If price is much lower than equal products tell the reason why in your product presentation.
  8. Share on social media
    Share your ads on social media, and ask your friends to help you with sharing it. If all of us did this, maybe some other seller actually would send traffic to AdCosta and attract potential buyers to your ad also? That is what social media is all about.
  9. Socialise with other AdCosta users
    For the same reason as above, you should also stay positive, friendly and polite with other sellers at AdCosta. If you help them with more traffic on ad, they will help you.
  10. Promote to ensure more people see ad
    AdCosta classified ads are totally free with few exceptions of categories. Everyone can post up to 5 ads per month, but to make sure your ad is seen by more potential buyers, AdCosta promoting like featured, top or bumped up ads WILL drive more traffic to your listing, and make selling easier for the price you ask.

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