To create classified ads that stand out, there are some principles that you should follow to get the most out of it. These are our top five ways to create classified ads that will stand out.

  1. Image Quality Upload high quality images of the product you want to sell. Don’t use pictures of same products you find online, but dust off the item and take high quality images. Buyers want to see images of the actual product their gonna buy!
  2. Headline You only get one first impression, combined with a high quality product image, the headline should be attractive, exact and informative. Remember not to use to many words!
  3. Item Description When speaking of informative. The product text should not be too long. Write all you can think of about the product you want to sell, and then remove unnecessary words. Keep your text true to topic.
  4. Item Features Give the potential buyers as much facts about the item as possible. Often people have decided to buy before they contact you because of your good information about the product.
  5. Compare Prices Don’t set selling price to high (obviously) – but don’t set it too low either. Then people think it must be something wrong with the item. If price is much lower than equal products, tell the reason why in your product presentation.

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