Buy and Sell Quickly on BikroyAds

There are some things you can do to buy and sell quicker here on BikroyAds. This is our advice to achieve what you came here for – faster.

  • How to buy quickly on BikroyAds?
    This is really easy to achieve. When you find a product you want to buy contact the seller either by the BikroyAds Chat, their email or call them if phone is listed at the listing page. At top right of listing page you will find Seller Information. Click to reveal phone number, click to chat or click Email to send an email to seller. Easy!

  • How to sell quickly on Bikroyads?
    To sell your product quickly it is important to follow the selling tips listed here. Many interested buyers will help you achieve a quicker sale. To get more views, buy a upgrade like featured, top or bumped up promotion. As we all know it is really important to give as much info about the product as possible, but it is also very important that you have updated contact information. For Example, don’t give an email address you never read. Some buyers prefer phone. Be polite and friendly to potential buyers and your product will be sold quicker. 

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